Let’s take a look at a hypothetical problem: we have an existing project written in Node.js and we want to optimize the performance of a function that performs heavy calculations. The decision was made to do this by using Rust, a low-level programming language that handles the same task much faster.

Different approaches can be used for implementation (dynamic libraries, C++ Node.js add-ons, etc.). In this article, I intend to use FFI (Foreign Function Interface) and a C-compatible library written in Rust. …

or how I met a vibrant and sustainable organizational culture

Boozt’s main office

7:21 AM, I am taking the elevator to the 5th floor where the development department is located. Now there is nobody here and the light turns on automatically when I am entering my area. The working day begins with a cup of tea and planning tasks for today.

One by one the first colleagues show up. Each one has their own morning ritual, although it’s all similar in content. Soon the place becomes busy: some meet at the coffee machine, others are preparing their work space. …

The author has no doubt that GraphQL is the best way to create a modern API. He is going to bring this religion to everyone who is open to new ideas. In this article, more attention will be given to theory than practice however in the next parts we are going to change the focus.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that meets the requirements of today’s web apps.
If you choose GraphQL you can build awesome APIs. It’s so easy and I’m gonna teach you.

GraphQL has the following principles:

  • it returns only what you need
    It means that…

Ewen Blotskyi

Rust and JS developer and open-minded person. Among other things, I keen on world history, literature, geography, religion, cosmogony, psychology.

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